Price Suggestion
~42.5 keys
Unusual Familiar Fez Purple Energy
82 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Föamý Þe Færssøn.

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Sale 1: Sold together with 18 keys for Frostbite Chieftain's Challenge!/compare/1496880000/1496966400!/compare/1496707200/1496966400

Was used to price Chieftain:

Sale 2: Bulk!/compare/1498176000/1498262400

Sale 3: Sold together with Neutron Star Wing Mann (10) for duped Overclocked Team Captain (52) -> 42!/compare/1498348800/1498435200

Mini Team Captain: Sold for Blizzardy Storm Soldier's Stash (52)!/compare/1495843200/1495929600

Buyer is reselling TC for 50 keys so this mini should work

Sale 4: 33 keys + 20 ref;!/compare/1494028800/1494115200

Sale 5: Sold together with Strange Specialized Killstreak Australium Ambassador (10) for Hot Professional Killstreak Stabbed to Hell Knife Battle Scarred (34) --> 24 keys

Buyer at 33 keys 20 ref --> only 1 sale at 42

Young seller at 35. If the seller at 35 doesn't sell fast this might need a range from 35-42 but for now I'll go with flat 42