Price Suggestion
~36 keys
Unusual Ye Olde Baker Boy Phosphorous
386 votes up
55 votes down
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Phosphorous Ye Olde Baker Boy

New price: 37 keys

[proof below]

SALE #1 = 37 keys!/compare/1497571200/1497657600!/compare/1497312000/1497657600 - no B/O

Sold along 1 key in sweets for a Specialized Killstreak Flower Power Scattergun (Well-Worn) which is apparently priced at 35-40 keys making this sale 37 keys.

Side note: user is banned for ‘SCAMMER’ on tf2op, however I don’t see anything related to scammer notes on his page, Steamrep or

Here’s a sale on the Scattergun to show that the value is probably accurate despite showing no previous suggestions.!/compare/1497139200/1497225600!/compare/1497139200/1497225600

Sold along 7-8 keys in sweets for a Purple Energy (43) = about 35-36 keys


Sales: 37 keys

Sellers: 39 keys / 50 keys

Seller at 39 keys has matured and has been traded forward bot and owner many times (kind of messing up the hat history). Going with 37 keys.

      The Scattergun appears to sell around 35-40 keys so the value here is accurate, not inaccurate. The mini proves that. Whether he 'really wanted' the hat or not is not relevant. Sales are sales.

      37.5 rounds to 38. I'd also like to see a better Scatter mini.

          your mini for the scatter is 35-36(taking 36) as you said, and the guy added the key in stuff with the baker. sale is 35 not 37. Happy's sale for 37 supports. This should prolly be re-sugged at 35-37.