Price Suggestion
~82.5 keys
Unusual Modest Metal Pile of Scrap Green Energy
258 votes up
25 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 2 months ago by Marty Birdman.

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Sale 1:!/compare/1499040000/1499126400!/compare/1498867200/1499126400


DP Headwarmer is open at 15

15 Pure

~1 in sweets

for a Frostbite El Jefe, indate at 100

100-15-15-1= 69

Sale 2:!/compare/1498348800/1498435200

was used on Noir

Sale 3:!/compare/1498521600/1498608000!/compare/1498521600/1498608000

Modest + 2 keys for Duped Stormy 13th Hour Nanobalaclava + Orbiting Fire Troublemaker's Tossle Cap

Mini Nano:!/compare/1498608000/1498694400

dumped on scrap, been there a bunch, seems like no other usable sales

scrap was selling for ~60-80 Keys, idk

Sale 4:!/compare/1496102400/1496188800

use on salty

Sale 5:!/compare/1495238400/1495324800!/compare/1495238400/1495324800


bo was 100

Mini Shotgun:!/compare/1497571200/1497657600!/compare/1497571200/1497657600

44 Pure

Sale 6:!/compare/1496880000/1497052800!/compare/1496966400/1497052800

w an Aces High Bonk Boy + adds for a duped chearts Bonk Boy

Sellers on Bonk:

~100 ish, supports low end but probably a low sale




rounding to 70-95