Price Suggestion
Unique Refined Metal
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Alright another resuggestion. Copy pasted everything for reference.

Someone said I can't use, but I'm leaving it here just in case.;6/Refined%20Metal


Seller at $0.10:

LeonSK -

Haven't sold any for a month -!/compare/1493424000/1496102400

Seller at $0.095:

RoyalCake -

Not very easy to find sales for this guy, leaving his profile here in case -

Seller at $0.09:

Erupo -

Might have sold some? -!/compare/1496361600/1496620800

Edit: Sold none, asked him directly

Seller at $0.08:

Kalani -

Most probably sold some -!/compare/1496534400/1496620800

Have solds recently, refer to previous suggestion for her say on this. Some form of proof:

Edit: Here's what she said to make it easier for y'all -


Not sure if I need buyers, because most of these people are buying for a profit anyway, but I'm leaving it here in case. had some buyers at $0.08 - ($0.06) ($0.05) ($0.06) ($0.06) ($0.06)

Basically, there are solds for $0.08. If there are any sellers below this value (not quicksold) please let me know and I will close this/resuggest.

I appreciate all constructive criticism with supporting reasoning, any useless comments will be deleted.

The overall change from previous suggestion - Turns out the $0.09 seller didn't have any solds, so a $0.08 flat will do.

    And what might price sells refer to? If those refer to solds, then no, there are actually 25 in that single transaction. And the seller has also stated that there are much more, but she cannot provide them without the permission of the buyer.

    ninjaedit: Also refined metal has a small market (refined to real money), please provide counter proof if you would like to criticise

      A pricesuggestion for Refined that isnt complete ****? Wait, what! Remindes me of the Rise of the Aussies

        ref raising :O

          OMG Market going back to "Normal" again, maybe buds will be 20 keys and keys 8 ref now again! PRAY XD (JK)


              It's a good suggestion, but off-topic, it will unfortunately never go back to the way it was, because refined demand is too low and supply to high. In the ripe year of 2013 where everything was smooth, there was only 700k refined. Today there is around 4.5mil. I wish it can go back :(

                Nah, it really shouldnt go back, it is already stable atm ^^

                    Despite the fact that this is off-topic, gambling wouldn't be a way to lower the amount of ref in existence/be a metal sink.

                      Wow, I really forgot to mention what would make it a ref sink- I wish I could downvote myself. The reason I brought it up was to suggest making a ref betting system WHICH TAKES REF OUT OF THE TOTAL PEOPLE BET to reduce refined in the market total. Let's say 10 people bet 5 refined, five refined per person in a five vs five. There would be a twenty percent cut of total refined, reducing the total ref to 40. The winners walk away with a three refined profit, as 40/5=8, but the TOTAL refined is reduced. Also you'd be betting on your own skills, betting to enter a match with others, not betting on a six vs six you have to part of. Sorry about the confusion, and sorry for diverting the topic, but it was based on the question of how do we get the price of refined down, and this was only a mere suggestion. Once again, this was all my fault, and I am sorry.

                    I remember the good old days haha. Back then buds were worth something, now anyone can have a pair if they want to.

                    Having refined go back to what it was years ago would be nearly impossible, but you know, this is a step in the right direction. Probably. :D

                        Extra proof ( I'm buying @ .085 )

                          how am i just seeing this now

                            Well, im even more surprised about it, than you, as i actively vote every day and saw it even later, than you did :'D

                            So if I'm understanding this correctly, your proof that 0.08 is the most common trade point for refined is based on one seller at 0.08? Is that correct?

                              Yes, and also the person who's buying it for $0.085 I guess. If this is insufficient you can tell me, and I will probably try to find more. I can't find any more sellers at $0.08, and the ones above $0.08 don't have any sales anyway... only looked through tf2outpost and though, I don't know of other sites.

                              Edit: there aren't many sellers on outpost in the first place :/

                                Yeah, I understand the issue. It makes refined suggestions probably the hardest suggestion to make. It's also why these suggestions usually get left up for a while - to wait for more data. Waiting for 7 days gave us the buyer. Maybe waiting a bit more will give us more to go off.

                                It seems like RoyalCake (seller at $0.095) is banned on steamrep. Sorry for not checking earlier.

                                  He is not. You probably came across an imposter.

                                    Woops. Well just double checked and he still has no sales. Thanks again :D You've been a great help.

                                  Sells for 0.10$ on


                                  So I recommend to include 0.10$ in the range

                                    Marketplace isn't very valid as I found out becos they take a commission, so basically the seller only gets $0.09, and speaking of which, I tried to include $0.09 in my range but I'm not sure why it was shut down by some people so... rip