Price Suggestion
~25 keys
Unusual Honcho's Headgear Circling Peace Sign
41 votes up
0 votes down
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Circling Peace Sign Honcho’s Headgear

Team Last But Not Least - Suggestion #32

Sale 1:!/compare/1489017600/1489104000

Added 2 keys for a Dead Presidents Killer’s Kabuto

Can be used there. Probably pretty unstable, id rather go for a flat pure sale here than use this here.

Sale 2:!/compare/1489104000/1489190400

Can be used to price said medi-gun

Sale 3:!/compare/1487894400/1488240000

Sold for 23 keys pure

X = 23

Final Price: 23 keys

Team: Xergoyf, AD⚡HD, Apo, Saltine