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~19 keys
Unusual Wraith Wrap Steaming
97 votes up
5 votes down
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Sold for Bubbling Baker Boy (in-date at 14.5 but selling for ~13) + 4 keys

= 17

Messy bunch of sales coming up. Histories suggest!/compare/1486080000/1486166400

Sold it for 22 pure + engies killed part (=23) and then!/compare/1483142400/1486252800

Resold + sweets (~2) for Searing Plasma Napper (Outdated at 26, mini at 22) =20

Napper mini:!/compare/1486944000/1487030400

Blizz Grenadier (Outdated at 21, young seller at 18) + 4 keys

= 22, using 22.

No sale is the outlier here so taking a wide-ish range.

Let it ride.

    Should probably just value the baker at its in-date value. An unbumped 1 day old seller at 12 that says he has a buyer at 13 is a very weak mini which is easily avoided since it is totally not needed here :P