Price Suggestion
~23.5 keys
Unusual Sober Stuntman Green Energy
51 votes up
1 vote down
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This suggestion was accepted by Delicious Cashew is not a cow.

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Lots of minis. Requested by Mindacos.


-Sold for 26 keys pure:!/compare/1486598400/1487721600


-Sold for a stormy guad(15.5, taking 16 keys) + 9 pure (25 total):!/compare/1486684800/1486771200!/compare/1486684800/1486771200

-Added 7 pure for an EoF ze goggles, being used to price the goggles as this is the only useable sale for the goggles:!/compare/1486857600/1486944000

-Sold for a blizz one man(12.5, taking 13 keys) + a bubbling bloke(11 keys) + 1 key pure + 1 ref (~25 keys):!/compare/1487462400/1487548800

-1:1’d for a dbd pampered, better off being used for the pamp:!/compare/1487548800/1487635200

-B/O 25:

-Sold for 22 pure:!/compare/1487721600/1487808000


-1:1’d for a mallard fuka(26 keys):!/compare/1488672000/1488844800

-Sold for an aces tril(16.5, taking 17 keys) + 6 keys (23 keys total):!/compare/1488844800/1488931200

-B/O 23 for above:



-Sold for 23 pure + a painted KE, taking 23 flat:!/compare/1488067200/1488153600


Taking 22-26 thanks to the above sales.