Price Suggestion
Non-Craftable After Eight
Submitted by spilberg.
~1.3 keys
Unique After Eight After Eight
56 votes up
26 votes down
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This suggestion was marked as insufficient evidence and closed by Mindacos S>SplBnd TDE 150k.

The evidence provided does not meet the standard for making suggestions on this site. Please refer to the guides for unusual or non-unusual suggestions for more information.

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SCM at 19 ref,lol.



Buyer's profile (22k in stock plus some metall)

Have a nice day!

    I sold 3 for a key each -

    And new buyer at 15.33. I think 15.22 is still too low. I'm wondering if you might be able to give this a range of 0.8-1 key or something like that.

      Nice sale but there are sellers with lower price than 1k,I dont think that making 0.8-1k possible now when it countered by sellers

        I'm not saying that you should price this at 1 key flat. I'm saying it should get a range to include the sellers. It's clearly possible to sell it for 1 key.

        Or if you think it's an outlier, get some more sales. 15.22 ref is way too low here with the lowest seller at 20 ref.

          My point is Buy Orders,i'm not using current sales for raising price.If yu think that my price is too low,make your own suggestion^^

      Buyers at 15.77 now. To add to that, the sales polar provided to you are perfectly valid.

      15.22 won't work for this, closing.