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~140 keys
Unusual Das Ubersternmann Bonzo The All-Gnawing
83 votes up
5 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 7 months ago by Mindacos(CLICK THE IMGUR).

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Just got this nice hat :) Showing that I paid 140 pure which was the B/O. If you have any other sales please post in comments.

Proof 1 (sellers B/O) :

Proof 2 (not showing hat in trade):

Proof 3 (showing hat):

Proof 4 (keys form marketplace went in and out too fast for bp to register):!/compare/1487116800/1487289600

Proof 5 (sellers bp comparison, doesn't help much as she got a lot of keys that day) :!/compare/1487203200/1487289600

If I missed anything please let me know :)

      Some people just ask for them so it's best to include them :)

    Nice congrats on the purchase mate!

      That's my favorite med hat + favorite Halloween effect

        Yeah I was very lucky to pick it up when I did it looks very nice :) probs won't sell it :P