Price Suggestion
~35 keys
Unusual Executioner Starstorm Insomnia
60 votes up
42 votes down
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This suggestion was closed automatically because another price suggestion was accepted instead.

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offers dont matter at all tho.the sellers are good proofs since lower than current's price.60 key sseller is quicksseller so it cant be used

edit:i forgot that im also quickselling mine at 75 keys so its no good

    The high end here comes from nowhere. There are now 3 sellers at 60, and is still unsold.

    This is probably still too high. This can be redone at 60 flat.

        You have this assigned to yourself, so the suggester can't close this and remake even if he wanted to :P

          Oh, I've experienced that suggesters can close their suggestions even when i assign them to myself before :p regardless Ill unassign, as that was unintentional

            You assign things? Can I ask out of curiosity how that works? Is there a Mod for different things? like Cashew is more non-unusual for example.

              There are moderators that focus on specific things (i.e teeny/carnage mainly do reports, puddingkip forums, cashew/puddington mainly regular cosmetics and I actually only handle unusuals (with some exceptions of course).

              We assign things to ourselves when we are handling them to avoid two moderators dealing with the same suggestion :P

                Oh wow thanks for answering. I noticed that some Mods focus on things but It was mainly scattered from my point of view but now things make sense. By reports I guess you mean reporting listings/scams/bad forum posts/classies. I haven't seen Carnage for a while tbh. Polar I think does forums right? (You missed him!!!) Also are Puddingkip and Puddington the same person? Also is Aacorsn (something like that) a mod still?

                That makes complete sense actually!

                  I did not mention Polar since he does anything and everything without a specific specialization (as he basicly specializes in everything) I myself am but a simple minion hired for one specific purpose :P Only specialization I forgot to mention before is devs (cares/fiske)

                  Puddington and Puddingkip are not the same person, no. Aaroncsn is still a mod, but as far as I am aware, he is currently not actively handling anything

            Oh, haven't looked recently. It was always designed before where you couldn't close it when it was assigned.

              I had been under that impression until I assigned something to myself which was then closed before I finished my comment. It has happened a few times since, so I figured they changed that :P