Price Suggestion
Refined Metal
Submitted 10 months ago by ILYA
Unique Refined Metal
8 votes up
40 votes down
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This suggestion was closed 10 months ago by the submitter.

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I want to buy some hats! (I have 30 ref)

Send me the offer:

    How to get banned from price suggesting in one easy step

      Where is the problem?

        The problem is you're using a god damn price suggestion to gain attention that you're buying crap. This isn't what price suggestions are for you dip****.

        They were made to alter prices of items. Already sent a report about this.

          You're using the suggestion system to place an advertisement.

          You cannot do this, since you'll be banned for this.

          Please look at my comment below for clearance.


        If you want to buy hats, please use the Forums of or TF2Outpost.

        Please do this, since you will get banned if you do this sort of stuff on

          Ok, thx guys!