Price Suggestion
~13 keys
Unusual Bootleg Base Metal Billycock Eerie Orbiting Fire
48 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 10 months ago by polar.

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Eerie Orbiting Fire Bootleg Base Metal Billycock

1/1, unpriced

Sale 1:!/compare/1482192000/1482278400 - B/O of 20 - Credits to Marty Birdman

Sold for a Stormy Storm Detective Noir (23, indate)

X = 20 (capped by B/O)

Sale 2:!/compare/1482537600/1482624000

Quicksold for 10 keys pure (4 days)

Sale 3:!/compare/1482364800/1482796800

Suuuuuper low (~4 keys in garbage)

Going with 20 flat due to the 1 usable sale at that point

Final Price: 20 keys