Price Suggestion
~3.25 keys
Unique Strange Cosmetic Part: Kills
74 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 10 months ago by Teeny Tiny Cat.

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I like Kills

Last guy could have re-suggested but didn't despite me giving him a sale XD


2.53 - SOLD - SOLD

Despite 2.53 rounding to 2.55 I'm rolling with 2.5 due to current sellers

Classies on

Screen Shot Link:

Sellers @ 2.51 to keep an eye on

Buyers buy @ 2.4 which counters current price.

SCM Supports this Raise

Thanks =)

    Really need to screenshot the sellers you're watching at the time if you're gonna suggest like this, as we can't actually tell what they sold for without picking through the backpacks

      Yeah, I kinda forgot to do that and I commented on the other suggestion and didn't put one there either. I will hunt through the compare links to try and find something.

      Edit: - SOLD

      Edit 2: Can't track the previously sold items because they were moved to a private inventory