Price Suggestion
~120 keys
Unusual Exquisite Rack Haunted Ghosts
58 votes up
9 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 10 months ago by Foamy the Fearsome.

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Haunted Ghosts Exquisite Rack

Valve we need more miscs. pls.

Sale 1:!/compare/1483747200/1483833600

Sold for a Burning Flames Bomber’s Bucket Hat

Better used there

Sale 2:!/compare/1481068800/1481241600

Sold for a Orbiting Planets Bonk Boy (30, indate) + 110 keys pure

30 + 110 = 140

X = 140

Sale 3:!/compare/1478217600/1478304000

Sold for 125 keys pure.

On why the key historys dont match -!/compare/1482969600/1483228800 - Veil was quicksold to 007_remix and Yawner must of spent the keys immediatly on Plurie’s Rack, the keys never registered to Yawner as it was too fast, hence why hes not in the keys historys. This is actually a pretty common problem in tracing pure sales, where someone spends them as fast as they get them.

X = 125

Sales at:



Making a range with both sales.

Final Price: 125 - 140 keys

    Still waiting for them to finally release a demoman misc