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Refined Metal
Submitted 10 months ago by storm
Unique Refined Metal
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Yes,I have a lot, but key is going down ,so ref should go up. This is also how balance working.

Tf2 outpost. Sellers at 0.08 USD or over: (0.08 USD) SOLD OUT ALL REF for 0.08. ONLY 58 left. (0.08 USD) SOLD OUT ALL REF. CHANGED FROM 0.07 USD TO 0.08 USD. 0.09 USD. 0.08 USD. 0.1 USD.

Well thats all.

    256 refs, GG

      Yea I surely did for myself ofc. Did u found any seller below 0.08? No then I'm right...

        He has no any refined metal, Also this is a closed tf2outpost trade.

            Yes because thats cheap as hell. Everybody buying the cheaper one. Also the lowest seller currently is 0.08 USD.

          One 0.08 seller got out of stock. I'snt its enough proof?

              Not usually for ref suggestions. I've seen a fair few ref suggestions and they have 10X the amount of proof

            Gonna give you some help instead of downvoting right away.

            1) Buyers for $0.07




            The last two were listed recently, so finding sellers for $0.07 might not be easy now.

            2) From your sellers for $0.08

   ----- Got offers 3 days ago, but don't know when did he change his price from $0.07

   ----- Same as above

            You will need more sales for $0.08, but this will probably end up being ok in a few days when more sellers/buyers appear.

              Thank you for helping. Everybody just roasting me and I'm still so sad about that.

              Also selling the ref for 0.1 USD.

                  That's the sad truth about this crazy community. Most of the community in the suggestions area (especially the diehard users who get their suggestions accepted all the time if only because they are popular, not because of their logic) is extremely acidic. Anyone challenging the status quo is shot down, and I am getting really sick of it. If this comment gets downvoted, reported, and/or gets me a warning from a moderator, that might only prove my point....

                  Going on-topic, your price suggestion seems logical because it adjusts for the ratio of decreased refined for an unchanging real-world key price.

                    Even the "Diehard users" have to follow the rules, the difference is that we know them.

                    Also I can not think of 1 case where someone was actively trying to contribute and was disregarded because he was "new".

                      You can tell though that most of the newbie suggestions get far less upvotes even if their proof is great compared to some amateur suggestor with bad proof who ends up getting almost 100% votes

                        Upvotes mean nothing tho

                        In the end it's on the mod to decide

                        Also it's not the suggestors fault if people blindvote

                Unfortunately, there's really no valid proof here. You need proof they are actually selling for 0.08.

       - for example look at the comments in your first trade. The only confirmation we have there is a purchase of 100 ref at 0.07 a few days ago. If anything it shows 0.07 should be in the range.

                Your other sellers changed from 0.07 to 0.08. Sure. But you need proof that the sales they made were at 0.08 and not 0.07. The only proof you have here is for a sale at 0.07. So at the very least, 0.07 needs to be in the range.