Price Suggestion
~0.11 ref
Unique Pomson 6000
642 votes up
504 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 9 months ago by Foamy the Fearsome.

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Needs to priced like the rest of 'em

Anyway who buys weapons on mann co store anyway?

Morons I Guess

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Let's ride, this is a literal retelling of my first ever suggestion in the opening lines.

I didn't buy this just for a suggestion, I've genuinely been looking for one for a very long time, the fact I can make a suggestion is just another benefit

    why didnt you buy it from the lower seller?

      seller for 1 scrap in classies doesn't own one anymore. i refreshed his bp, listing should be gone now

      and 1 wep seller wasn't there when he opened the suggestion so that's probably why

        The actual reason was that he was offline for over day (and unbumped) when I bought mine.

      F2P's buy them

      You bought it for 1 ref, when sellers at .05 and .11?

      Those who has only money on his account left to buy a weapon, and cant wait to get premium.

      Buyer at 1 ref

      Buyer is banned though at the moment so I don't know if it's valid but the suggestion looks good other than that. Upvote.

        Dan has been banned from commenting, doesn't make his buy offer invalid.

          I agree with you, since the offer is still visible for others and it's being bumped.

          Let's make history...

            Why in the world is a suggestion for a non-craftable pomson taking almost 20 days

              Sale at one, Credit to Dan:


                When are you planning to end it...

                  Don't ask me, ask the mods when they'll accept it.

                    oh i thought you have to close it

                  Another sale at one, credit to Dan.


                    Well seeing as dan is actually buying them now as displayed below, I guess thisll be fine. He really saved your suggestion ;p