Price Suggestion
~24.5 keys
Unusual Tavish DeGroot Experience Disco Beat Down
126 votes up
11 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Randy.

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Selling: - b/o: 29 keys (1 month)

Sold:!/compare/1478736000/1478822400 - sold with 5 keys + sweets for Vivid Plasma Respectless Rubber Glove = 22 keys!/compare/1477872000/1477958400!/compare/1477872000/1477958400 - sold for Strange Australium Sniper Rifle = 27 keys


Vivid Plasma Respectless Rubber Glove:!/compare/1478908800/1478995200 - sold with 2 keys for Sulphurous Little Buddy = 29 keys

    Damn, rip all these tavishes, upvote!

      The tavishes are pretty impossible to sell from my experience. Most demo hats are these days tho.