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Unique Refined Metal
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33 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted 11 months ago by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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Sellers @ 0.09 are poor on refs and have a very low amount of sales! Refs are also dropping because of the key raising all the time!

Sellers @ 0.08$:

- (250+ refs)

- (120+ refs)

- (300+ refs. He says it is hard to sell even for .08 each)

- (200+ refs. Sells for .08 if buy order is 100+ refs pr. order)

-;6/Refined%20Metal (Pages at .08 each - 1 seller has 250+ refs.)

Buyer @ 0.08$:

- (About 1000+$ to use)

Sellers @ 0.09$:

- (10+ refs - on that acc.)

- (About 200 refs (.08 at 100+ ref orders))

- (Less than 30 refs)

- (About 150 refs)

Sales @ 0.08$:

-!/compare/1478995200/1481760000 - (300+ sold - since 13 november. Those are recorded sales. Minimum refs pr. sale is 100+ and according to the comments, he might had sold 700+ refs for 0.08$ each)

- - (500+ ref. He has made 350+ more ref sales, but history is wiped and he can't show proof. Anyways, he is a very trustful person and he wouldn't risk anything, so this should be about 1000+ ref sales)

-!/compare/1479081600/1481587200 - (100+ more ref from seller above - since 14 november)

No valid proof on forum, harpoon forum or sourceop!

No buyers above 0.08$ each!

Sales @ 0.09 might be people who need refs fast!

0.08$ is the most common range for ref atm. and the range is more accurate as well!

    This seller @0.07 further supports the drop:


      Same thing as last time, 18 refs in stock.

        So? It is unsold for a pretty long time, I personally disagree with it not being usable but it still supports the drop.

          People usually mass buy ref so 18 isn't worth the time.

            Buying ref generally isn't worth the time, it's not profitable in any way.

              for that reason we shouldnt value ref with real money, it should just be "a ref" imo

                AD/HD, steam is a profit-circled-community and so is TF2, just like the whole world. Removing the real world value of ref is the same as removing every items' price from a shop in real life? Just doesn't make sence.

                  no im saying we shouldn't base the economy off the price of ref, like salvage said its not profitable so its hard to sell, the minemum tf2 currency with real world value should be keys, just because no one want to buy ref shouldn't mean that your entire inventory should loose value

                    So many wrong options in one sentence. Another person that thinks he gets support from disliking.

                      I disliked because you didn't understand what I said... Do you really think that because people are having trouble selling ref for cash, the entire economy should loose value?

                      (Also that's not what options means)

                        The value of ref is rating how much something should be worth in TF2, just like the exchange rate of dollar decides how much a plate of chokolate should cost in real life. It is just very, very simple market principals that you don't understand.

                          No, that like have long the exchange rate soly based of of selling pennies, it just doesn't make sense

                          Also google translate really does suck doesn't it

                      You're correct, it would be better if we could base real-world value off of keys, the mods also think that this is needed, but the devs refuse to do it as they claim that it would be too complicated to code.

          29 Ref key was accepted so add extra proof I think to make it fall