Price Suggestion
~1.22 ref
Unique Creepy Crawly Case
93 votes up
11 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by -».•´Puddilicious`•.«-.

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Needs a drop already lol 2 days


Classifieds under 2 ref: ~ 1 page ~ 2 page ~ 3 page ~ 4 page

With 2 pages of 1 ref, and like 4 for 0.44-0.66 i think a drop to 1 ref is fair (wouldn't drop below cause buyers at 1)

Just looking at the first page of outpost shows me: ~ 0.66 ~ 1.33 ~ 3 for 0.66 each ~ 1 ref

Definitely needs a drop to 1, if not for the buyers it probably could go lower.

    I'll upload my sales @ 1 ref later today. I've got 9 of them.

Sellers supports drop

not sure if buyers or seller counters seller or buyer

    nothing gets countered by anything.


      sellers still supports drop scm too

    i have bought around 300 at 1 ref over the last few days. upvote