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Needs a drop already lol 2 days


Classifieds under 2 ref: ~ 1 page ~ 2 page ~ 3 page ~ 4 page

With 2 pages of 1 ref, and like 4 for 0.44-0.66 i think a drop to 1 ref is fair (wouldn't drop below cause buyers at 1)

Just looking at the first page of outpost shows me: ~ 0.66 ~ 1.33 ~ 3 for 0.66 each ~ 1 ref

Definitely needs a drop to 1, if not for the buyers it probably could go lower.

Sellers supports drop

not sure if buyers or seller counters seller or buyer

    nothing gets countered by anything.


      sellers still supports drop scm too

    i have bought around 300 at 1 ref over the last few days. upvote