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Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap
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134 votes down
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Sold for 10 keys: -

Others for sale: - Considered a 10 key offer (see hidden comments) and had an offer of $40 via Paypal.

Additional notes: The significant price change is due to Valve removing the ability to gift wrap untradable items changing it from a commonly available item to a rarity. The few that were already gift wrapped are the last available non-tradable Haunted Metal Scraps that can be brought/sold.

Question: Why did I buy this thing? I was bored and decided I wanted it.

Huh, how good i didn't made this stupid axe. Free 10 keys value backpack c:

Of course if this pass

Upvote from me, because this is valid sale

    Im starting to regret making the axe. Upvote

    I have the feeling that this sale was a outlier. Thats just my opinion.

    Could this mean that the axe could go up in value if someone traded a giftwarpped version?

    This is probably the greatest raise in history.

      probably, its a 20,000% raise xD

      I disagree. Since these can't be traded unless it was pre-wrapped before the update, this shouldn't really have value. This value could be for the pre-wrapped Haunted Metal Scrap, but not the Haunted Metal Scrap itself.

        Perhaps there's a way to price the wrapped version? If not - I would agree with what you said.

          So we can just remove wrap price? That was be rounded 9.5 key

            But since this is the ONLY way you can get it.. Shouldn't that make it usable..?

              I agree. This item isn't even really allowed to be traded anymore. Don't really understand the point of this.

              Cant you not trade un tradeable items anymore? Cause i cant gift wrap to trade for untradeable items

                Those that are pre-wrapped before Valve updated the Gift Wrap can still be traded, after the update you can't wrap an untradable item anymore

              damn, that raise.

                I think i made a mistake of deleting the haunted metal scrap -.-

                  me too, was terriblee

                  If this get raised to 10 keys. Then I have more value for my backpack(and get more vote power.)

                    if you buy something it means nothing

                    if i buy 5 ref hat for key that means i am dumb

                      A serious question 4 myself, am I dumb or retarded when seeing this bump?

                        This makes me violently uncomfortable.

                          what you can just make an alt

                            it can't be traded, nor can it be wrapped anymore, sooooo this shouldn't be needed

                              Except gift wrapped versions still exist and can still be traded.

                              BRUH... WHY DID YOU UNBOX IT....

                                ****. I used mine.

                                  Don't understand the argument here, it's a valid sale. Seeing as there are multiple "pointless suggestions" I have made that pass on this site (1/1 forever items that will never sell again), it seems like there isn't anything against this case. Up vote from me.

                                    Think of it this way; there are three variants of this item. There is the rather common, non-tradable haunted scrap, then the rare, tradable variant, and then the wrapped, non-tradable variant. It makes no sense to price one version of an item based on a sale for another, especially when the difference in value is as big as this.