Price Suggestion
The Sticky Jumper
Submitted by Andreng
~0.11 ref
Unique Sticky Jumper
318 votes up
193 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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    Some of your unsolds sold... current range is probably fine, downvote

        That doesn't make any sense. If the weapon sells for 0.11, it should be closed.

      I've sold some for 0.11

        can't use as proof to change the price


          yes you can if they're unsold

          I've managed to sell several of these for a scrap each over the past few weeks. I gotta agree with Maximus that the range right now is fine and dandy :-)

            Well, this was left up for some time to see how easy it is to sell at 0.11. The reality is that everyone sells weapons for 0.11 ref. So just because some sell for that doesn't mean that one weapon is now worth two weapons (a scrap). What's really important is to see how well this sells compared to other weapons. This doesn't seem the easiest to sell at 0.11 ref, at least compared to rocket jumpers. And there seems to be a constant supply in banking bots, which you can't really say about rocket jumpers. Going with the votes here. I think we can call this a craftable weapon.