Price Suggestion
~52 keys
Collector's Buffalo Steak Sandvich
399 votes up
261 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by indy and her jones.

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Sold it now for 4 keys:

On the market is going for 10 keys! None on outpost, just one here but a sort of quickprice =)

Hope it's enough

    The most recent recorded sales on the community market were for $11.00 (Feb 27), $11.34 (Mar 4), $21.13 (Mar 10), $5.51 (Mar 14).

    And current buy orders for it on the market are at $7.24

    2 days unsold at 3,6 keys on classifieds. 3,6-4 keys would be better.

    Also date of the sale? That sale can be 2 months old, we don't know. Always provide date of sales.

    Ye guys sorry, mu bad...

    Here's the correct picture =)

      I couldn't sell mine at 4 keys for 3 weeks I believe.. Lowered it to 3 keys + 12 ref a few days ago, and it probably only sold because of this suggestion

        What a luck XD

          wouldn't that mean a range would be better?

        I think it should rise lol?

        SCM has consistently been at 9+ keys - this is more or less a very conservative raise, certainly better than the current value