Price Suggestion
The Distinguished Rogue
Submitted by jun
~1.61 ref
Unique Distinguished Rogue
141 votes up
80 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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I'll distinguish your rogue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

seller @1.77

sellers @1.88 (unbumped)

seller @2 (young)

sale @2 (look at the history by clicking the item)

there is 1 seller at 1.66, but it's completely unbumped and I figured that alone shouldn't set the low end of a range with an invalid seller

    I believe your seller at 1.77 ref sold it from the looks of the item's history:

      this is an old suggestion :p

        It is, but now it feels more convincing at 1.77-2 ref since they've both sold at that range, right? ;)

          yeah sure :D

yeah the sellers seem right but what about buyers and actual sales?

    all buyers are under current price, so shouldn't matter

      i get that but to change a price shouldnt there be a difference between the buyers as well?

        if I'm dropping the price, as long as its below the lowest sales and buyers, all I need is sellers

    Eh. I was going to close it since it was such a trivial change, but rynz has been gracious enough to provide several sales here suggesting that a range is indeed better than a flat 1.88. Unlikely 1.88 is the most common trade point.