Price Suggestion
~62 keys
Unusual Valley Forge Death at Dusk
120 votes up
20 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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Was looking through my backpack, noticed I had like $800 in unpriced unusuals. Time to fix that.

P.S. this is an EOTL effect, so it's technically under my marathon. EOTL Marathon Count: 23 (I forgot number my mullet suggestion)

P.P.S. he owns one manipulation downvote plz ban mods sold 22 keys pure and a Venanata Hetman (61 keys) sold for PE Prussian Pickle (63 keys)


Venenata Hetman sold for a Poisoned Shadows One-Man Army (45 keys)

PE Pickle sold along with a Blizzard Beak for a Burning Pickle (70 keys)

====MINI OF MINI====

Burning Pickle sold for PE Front Runner (110 keys)

Blizzard Beak (40 keys)

Overpay was factored excluding instances where large overpay chains would have occurred.

Thanks, let me know if I missed anything.

    Why don't you take a screenshot of your inventory history instead regarding on your first sale? I can only count 18 Keys there.

    The PE Pickel is updated now at 59 Keys:

    Should also account the sale below to see if it falls in range.

      The Private would fall to almost less than 50, give or take. Still remains an outlier.

    sold for a duped private, less than 60