Price Suggestion
~71 keys
Unusual Hottie's Hoodie Sunbeams
89 votes up
29 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Delicious Cashew is not a cow.

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Adding another sale to the last suggestion

Sold for green energy hottie's hoodie (35), smoking sole mate (32) and 28 keys = ((35 + 32) * 0.9) + 28 = 88 keys his BO in pure was 80 so capping at that i offered him and we went back and forth negotiating a bit, this is what we settled on.

Buyer before: (August 1st)

Buyer after: (August 2nd)

Compare link:

Feedback welcome.

    woah this range is scaring me


      Why is that? I guess I could round to 60-80 but meh, rounding below 100 seems unnecessary.

        oh woops i thought it was 50 - 80

        i really need some sleep :<