Price Suggestion
~1.94 ref
Unique Birdman of Australiacatraz
661 votes up
200 votes down
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Classifieds at time of posting:

1x 3.88 ref (unbumped)

2x 3.66 ref

1x 3.61 ref

1x 3.44 ref (unbumped)

2x 3 ref

Extras from last suggestion (a day ago):

1x 3.77 ref (unbumped)

3x 3.66 ref


3.66 ref (quickseller) (unbumped)

3.88 ref (unbumped) (poorly bumped) (expired, do these count?) (expired)

This is everything I could find below 4 ref which hasn't been unbumped for several months, let me know if this won't do it.

Unsolds at 4 ref 4 months... 1 month ( price) 1 month ( price) 3 weeks ( price) 1 week ( price) 1 week 1 week ( price) 1 week 1 week 6 days 4 days 4 days 2 days

Solds at 4 ref (why it still should be included in the range)

Please leave constructive criticism!

All of your sellers for 3.66 are invalid. Not to mention only 4 on classifieds for under 4 ref atm (quickseller) (unbumped)

    Well, that's a good point. There were 4 for 3.88 ref on classifieds yesterday, but didn't bother screencapping it. Ill monitor the sellers a bit more carefully, and add proof if I find some.

    Now the is 1 at 3.66 and 1 at 3.88. Only 2 for your range

    Sales for 4 refined

      rip suggestion.

      To the submitter: 6 of your unsolds @ 4 have sold.

      Btw the lack of evidence to support your low end is WEAK. Way too weak..

      That'll say, downvote.

        Indeed, thats the problem with long term suggestions, things can change... Most sellers on classifieds now seem to be quicksellers, but I still have some valid 3.66 sellers on outpost. If no miracles happen withing the next 12 hours, this suggestion will have seen better days. Nothing can stop the #RiseOfTheBirds. Right now im even unsure whether or not 3.88-4 ref would have made a difference.

          Mods nowadays, jk. But I agree, when suggestions been up for serveral weeks, the evidence will be kinda griefed and no longer valid.