Price Suggestion
~16 keys
Unusual Firewall Helmet Orbiting Fire
76 votes up
4 votes down

This suggestion was accepted 2 years ago by polar but another suggestion has been accepted since.

The price listed on this suggestion is no longer valid. Check out the newer accepted suggestion for this item.

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If The 1 of 1 PFetti of this is 11Keys, what are all of these ugly 2nd/3rd gens doing up here?

Only 2 trackable w/o premium. One that has last buyer/seller that last posted any trade 8 months ago

The other one's seller last posted 9 months ago

Seller at 25 Keys:

1 month unsold, and it hasn't recieved any offers in the comments

I think this should be could enough

    its was old hype that made them so high like the AF stove pipe

      Couple of sales in this history you could look into:

        Only sale that came out of it was for a Planets Tough Stuff Muffs, From what I can tell, some idiot duped it like 3 or 4 times. In addition, its unknown wether or not sweets were added