Price Suggestion
Strange Blutsauger
Submitted by Tree Horse
~14.83 ref
Strange Blutsauger
913 votes up
909 votes down
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Hopefully this works this time. Here goes attempt number 5 at pricing this. (just did one, was informed that 4 ref was a qs)

Extremely small market for ones that aren't killstreak/loaded with strange parts. This is 10 day of gathering as much valid proof as I could find.

i only own one. and its pro killstreak, so this will not help me at all. please avoid thoughts of price manipulation


3 x 1

3.88 x 1

4 x 1

5 x 1

5.5 x 1

6 x 1

SALES (2 ref) (2 ref) (2 ref) (likely more than 2 ref since it did not go to the person who offered 2 ref) (4 ref) (4.33 ref) (5 ref, trade shows it still up, item history shows it not in backpack (5.66, bazaar is confusing, would have had more proof likely if i was able to actually view trades properly)

my sales (5 ref x 2) (5 ref) (5 ref)

last suggestion i was accused of using the same sale for multiple sales, so i will include screenshots this time:,9CSz7fZ,Whp6khA,eZ7CSTk

SELLERS (offers, young) (offers, unbumped) (2 ref, bot, none in stock)


BUYERS (unknown) (unknown, poorly bumped) (1 ref, poorly bumped) (1 ref, poorly bumped) (1.33) (1.33, poorly bumped) (1.44) (1.66, bot) (1.66) (1.66) (1.66, poorly bumped) (2 ref) (2 ref, young) (2 ref, poorly bumped) (3 ref, unbumped)

lots of unbumped/poorly bumped/young but there are plenty of unsuccessfuls


been selling around $.60-$.65ish,sometimes more. Cheapest one up is $.73 right now. Ref is $.16, fairly close to the value

still new to price suggesting, any help would be appreciated

    Holy shit you went so hard at suggesting this x)

    This time I think your proof is decent though

    Your TF2OP sellers and buyers provide nothing, they just take a lot of space, so you probably should get rid of them, just for space :D

      you sure you dont want a range based on buyers on low end and solds for higher end?

        already tried that. trade got closed because the range was too large, and anything below 5 ref seems to be a quicksell. Also, almost all of the buyers are either young, poorly bumped, or quickbuyers, so that won't help much with a range

      decided to take a quick look for more proof. two more sellers (5 ref, young) (4.66, unbumped)

    no proof cover the 5 ref range

    Looks good, upvote 4 me

      1st link on seller is inside set

      2nd link on seller is for csgo items only

      just incase you didnt know

        ah thanks, didn't notice the csgo one. invalid either way though.

        6 times is lucky

          I would go with 4-5 here.

            Good proof man! And I do agree there is minimum trades for this thing. Not big market

              Just sold 1 at 4 ref

                Meh proof. Range seems around 4-5 instead.

                  Why do I say so much yes to this? I don't know.

                    holy crap nice suggestion :D

                      I wonder how many people blind voted down just because you own one.

                      Good proof and I feel this will go through if enough people haven't blind voted.

                        this is also selling on SCM for a lot more than 2 ref, upvote :^)

                          da hell? there are higher prices,only because of your horrible suggust,DownVote

                            my suggestion was made because there already were higher prices. not the other way around.

                            Not accurate at all. If I click on classifieds for this I have to scroll through about ten 3-4 ref listings for it. And you want to make it a flat 5?

                              Any listing that have parts or killstreaks are not valid. Only trades that are simple stranges are valid for pricing since killstreaks and parts affect the normal price.

                                hey man, also stranges have been buffed in price because of the lack of normal ones, so this its not the first item to gon on a buff because of its lackof normal ones

                                  That has absolutely nothing to do with what i said. (I never even commented on his last part, just about how he said there were far more listing)

                              Classifieds have a bunch of listings at 3.66-4:

                              I'd go with 4-5 as polar suggests, no reason to ignore it being added to the range at this point.

                                yeah, i have to agree 4-5 is probably better. at the time of suggesting, and during the 10 days from before, 5 ref sold easily since there were near no sellers for this. Now it seems though that everyone wants to sell theirs. maybe even 3-4 or 3-5, since people are selling around 3 now too.

                                  3 Ref seems to be going pretty quickly though, I feel like 4-5 is a much safer range for now.

                                  Maybe 4 flat tho.

                                    i'll give it a resuggest if this doesn't pass. but, for now i'll let it ride. doesn't hurt to see what other mods think, and this excess of sellers came out of nowhere, so the supply may run out fairly quick too.

                                      Let's see what happens, I don't want this suggestion to hold up as much as the strange loch one did.

                                      I'll be forced to counter if none of the sellers get theirs sold in 3 days tho, if that's fine with you.

                                        fine with me. if it's not closed or accepted by tomorrow, i'll probably resuggest anyways. but if you do decide to counter, you're welcome to use my proof.

                                Price Manipulation much?

                                  what's a 3 ref boost gonna do to my backpack? and does it matter since mine is pro killstreak and i have no intention to ever sell it?

                                  Out of the only 1 page on the classifieds, more than half are under 5 ref. More than half are under 4 ref

                                    closed because suggestion is now outdated for current market