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~1.5 ref
Unique Random Craft Hat
331 votes up
184 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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This seems to be soon but well, if not now then when?

Please just read this damn thing before you comment, I'm tired of those idiots who are like "Lol, you counter-prove yourself with 1.33 hats", thank you.

Real definition of "Craft hat": A craft hat is a hat which can be used for crafting purpose. It doesn't matter if it is an Ellis, Robo-hats or Limited Hats. As long as the hat can be used as crafting material, it is a craft hat.

Definition of "Craft hat" in this suggestion: A craft hat is a hat which has a huge availability at cheap price and because of that fact, they are mostly used as crafting material.

With this definition, craft hats will be hats which have huge availabilities at 1.22. Any specific hats which can be sold at 1.33 and quick-sold at 1.22 will no longer be marked as a craft hat and will have its own price tag like 1.66 hats <---------------- Read this thing 10th times before comment and vote

Back to the suggestion: - Have a ton of them for sale at 1.22


Craft hats which actually worth 1.22 now

Probably more. Most of hats above have a great number of availablities on

Hats which no longer belong to the craft hat blanket nearly has none of those hats above due to their real demand (used for wearing)

I will update more of these as many as possible.

Conclusion: From now on, craft hats should be priced at 1.22 flat. Any hats that can be sold at 1.33 easily and QS at 1.22 will have their own price tag, just like how many hats is priced at 1.66.

Feel free to counter / support my proofs.

        You made several suggestions to raise hats to 1.33 today, now this, you just counter proofed your self.

          1.33 hats I priced today are those isn't worth 1.22. This craft hat blanket is for the 1.22 one.

          And please read the definition of craft hats above.

          Giang you will be remembered for years to come... and possibly hated. ; - ;

          Ily but I cant hold these feels so /( ' ▲ ' )/

          Edit: not voting.

            People gonna be pissed if this passes, lol

              I can't say there are enough sellers of regular craft hats at 1.22 ref, not accounting Robo hats/Halloween/MvM hats.

              1.33 happens much more often, unfortunately. I'd have to go with Mike Crosoft's suggestion.

                Please read the definition of "Craft hats" above.

                From now on, any hats which can be sold for 1.33 and QS for 1.22 will have its own price tag (1.33, just like 1.66 hats) instead of being in craft hat blanket.

                With the large availability of 1.22, craft hats should go down.

                  I know, but still, the market remained relatively unaffected from the drop to 1.28 ref.

                1.33 is clearly the most common trading point at the moment and it'd be even more senseless to make this 1.22 flat, plus you're also countering yourself when making suggestions and raising hats to 1.33 refined. Also as I can see, most of your proof is covered by suggestions that aren't even accepted, robo or halloween hats which as stated in the 1.33 suggestion are usually quicksold and used in crafting. I agree taht you can find some for 1.22, but those are people who see the spreadsheet and are like 'Hey this is priced at 1.28, doing a weapon discount won't do any damage and I'll get fast metal'

                  If the Camera Beard can do well at 1.33, then yes, he is legitimately counterproofing himself.

                  To add:

         - 23 pages of hats, 10+ of bumped listings.

         - 2000+ hats at 1.22

                    im neutral now...

                      You didn't need to announce that.

                      Just trying to roughly stat, there are currently:

                      - 320 uniques craft hats are now valued at 1.22-1.33

                      > 6.3% (20/320 * 100%) Proofs of 20 voting links of craft hats going 1.22

                      Now, let's average that there are 30,000 of each of the unique hats. We, now, arrive at the population of 960,000 Random craft hats, ... 9,600,000 actually.

                      - Classified, as of now, 24 pages + 8 items = 488 are below 1.28

                      > 0.005% (488/9600000 * 100%) of all craft hats are being sold below 1.28


                      It is like saying that price is going to be 1.22 flat when 5 out of 1000 voters say "Upvote"... those 5 got a Veto right, right ?

                        You forgot the part where nearly all of those 9 Million aren't for sale.


                            You forgot the part where nearly all of those 9 Million aren't for sale.

                            [GIRL] Charity · posted about 8 hours ago · Score: 4

                            ... erased ... Okay, lets upvote !!

                          Well, Giang, 5-6 months in the making. I think you've established yourself here as extreme overlord of hats :P

                            At least this will get us away from this 1.28 shit.

                            Nobody ever sold hats for 1 refined, 2 scrap, 1 weapon, and a crate.


                              rip in peace craft hats


                                I'll say a few things-

                                1. I was the one who showed that Craft hats needed to drop (In all honesty, It was an accident). So blame me, not Giang for this mess of craft hats now.

                                2. I'm seeing a revamp in the currency of TF2, It will become like a yen thing instead of a dollar thing. ex. 10000 yen = 85.99 $

                                3. The shift will happen, but it's going to be a really bumpy road to adept to.

                                Yea, I think I said what i needed to say. Now.... back to me finding a true price to those items that were never priced.

                                  Will the rivalry between Mike Crosoft and Giang continue?

                                  Who has better proof?

                                  Who will win?

                                  Probably Giang

                                  Whoever has the best proof.

                                  I think that this proof is acceptable.

                                  Upvoté from me good sir.

                                    Random craft hats have their pirce set stable by the crafting recipie to combine head gear instead of using 3 ref. I understand why you see so few being sold at old 1.33 price but doing this just makes things worse for everyone

                                      For reference, this is what "random craft hat" means:

                                      It is those hats that have no extra cosmetic value - hats like the ellis, halloweens, robo hats, etc - that are almost exclusively used for crafting. Hats with cosmetic value should be priced separately - not included in the blanket.