Price Suggestion
The Distinguished Rogue
Submitted by UnEpic_
~1.61 ref
Unique Distinguished Rogue
216 votes up
57 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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Let's begin the price drop as a white belt shall we? .o/

From what I learned, Small price drops need to prove unsolds at the current range while showing other sellers at the new (slight) lower range.

Oh yea, 2 years since the last suggestion.

Unsolds at 2 Refined -2 months old -but poorly bumped -2 months old -bumped -3 weeks old - poorly bumped -^^^ -2 weeks old -^^^ -^^^ -auto bumped -1 week old -^^^ Just because your trade is shiny, doesn't mean it will sell that shirt. -^^^ -^^^ -^^^ -^^^ -auto bumped -6 days old -never bumped -^^^ -badly bumped -^^^ -^^^ -^^^ -5 days old - never bumped -5 days old -^^^ -4 days old -^^^ -3 days -2 days -^^^ -^^^ - A day old/Young -^^^ -Young -^^^ -^^^ -^^^ -^^^ -^^^ -^^^ -auto bumped

Sellers at 1.88 -2 days -said minus 1 scrap on price -^^^ -day old

Sellers at 1.66 -6 days old -never bumped -Day old -said if pure, minus .33 also auto bumped

Sellers at 1.33 - Week old

Classifieds (Not helping me out that much)

Conclusion: I think I can drop this to 1.88 while keeping two in the range, after all, it's a small drop.

    From the website---- -4 days old, price is 1.66 -4 months old, possibly 1.88? has been modded. - Week old, in pure... Modded? - price. - price. Unbumped?

      Looks like you're on your way to yellow belt c:


        Godspeed, you magnificent bastard :D

          Well its a range, 2 ref is still in the range.

            If A Item Can Sell Easily At It's Price, There's No Need For A Drop.

              I wouldn't say its sells easily, but it does sell at the price. There are also unsolds below 2 ref. In addition, his range is only down to 1.88; barely a drop. Its really a matter of opinion for trivial amount like this, but contrary to expectations, a white belt did a good job, with both good proof and good range. Upvote from this guy.