Price Suggestion
The Big Daddy
Submitted by Pan
~1.44 ref
Unique Big Daddy
122 votes up
6 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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big bois

Keep in mind, there is only a page of users selling this item on outpost

Sellers at 1.33 ref:

Unsolds at 1.66 ref: 1 day, 1.44 ref (user from classifieds) 4 days, 1.66 ref 1 week, 1.66 ref

Classifieds at the time of posting:

- 3 sellers at 1.33 ref

- 1 seller at 1.44 ref

- 2 sellers at 1.66 ref

    Big boy, big boy, coming after you, coming after you when my sandwich is through, big boy!

    (props if you get the reference)

    Proof looks fine Guy offered 1.66 for this trade, but craft number might have done something with it.

    just to clarify, no, buyer doesn't have a big daddy in his inv

      Oh my god. It's Pan. I MISSED YOU SENPAI!