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~33.5 keys
Unusual Copper's Hard Top Scorching Flames
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26 votes down
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3 of these have been circulating in the market. 1 has ended up in a tradelocked account, 1 is in my possession and the third owner hasn't yet put it up in the market. There has been another sale in the past month, but both parties involved were disgruntled Russians who did not wish to provide information; item history was not available from backpack.

1st one:

Sold for 42 keys pure


Price : 2.2 buds

2nd one:

Sold for phosphorous larrikin robin (2.7 buds) + smoking doctor’s sack (13 keys)


Backpack of seller before the trade(18th July):

Backpack of seller after the trade (19th July):

Item history:

There are some other items in the backpack on 19th, which after checking item histories can be confirmed as not being from the same buyer.

Price: 2.7+0.68= 3.38

After overpay, 0.9* 3.38 = 3.04 ~ 3 buds

3rd one:

Sold for aces high bubble pipe. I was the buyer


Price: 0.9*2.6 = 2.34 buds

First unusual suggestion, second suggestion overall. Any feedback, criticism etc is appreciated.

EDIT: Closing to resuggest with a better range.

    The 3 bud sale had a B/O of 2 buds, meaning it can only be valued at 2 buds for that sale.

      The guy may have messed up B/O and C/O

        I dont think so.

        He said '2 earbuds, or 3 earbuds in offers'

        The buyer is marked on OP for trading with phishers. He probably quicksold the larrikin and the doctor's sack


        Moreover, the larrikin is duped ! [url][/url]

        I don't know if it can be considered as valid proof

        Edit : [url][/url] 29 keys outlier

        And why didn't you take your low-end at 2.2? If there was an outlier, that should be the sale at 3

          As far as i've been told, duped items dont lose value if they're below 5 buds. And yes, ive already mentioned that one of the hats has ended up in a tradelocked account.

          Regarding the outlier: I didnt include it because i thought it was a mistaken one and didnt reflect the desirability of the item.

          Regarding the low end, that was a mistake, i entered it incorrectly and submitted; did not know what to do then. d0 told me that i could resuggest a suggestion after closing this trade if needed. Should i do that?