Price Suggestion
Sunbeams Pencil Pusher
Submitted by Grim
~210 keys
Unusual Pencil Pusher Sunbeams
93 votes up
20 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by polar.

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I'd rather see an updated price on this. First sale after it became a misc.

Sold for a cloudy moon pencil pusher (14.4 buds) + 6 buds pure:

Mini suggestion for the cloudy moon pencil pusher:

Sold for a clean peace stash (14.4 buds after overpay):

Rounding up to 20 buds.

      Pyromancer's are really *really* common though. There are 4 Beams Pushers with only 1 on the market and there are 28 Beams Mancers with 4 on Outpost alone.

      Hey grim, Scorchign sold with some stuff for a burning dread hood. 1 of 1 hat, I tried to make a suggestion for it, but cant. I know it was some AF hats, some pure. But I know scorching sold for around 50-60 with a burning dread hood coming out.

        It's unpriceable with that sale, end of story.^^

      funny how just a month ago it was only 5.3 buds.

        Also funny when people think it looks better than the brainiac even though it's the most cancer misc in tf2 *ahem* *cough*

          I'm confused as to how that link at all shows it's a cancer item. If anything, it show it isn't. I mean, when you click on his trade you can see he has an entire imgur album of how well it goes with pretty much every hat (think that might actually be the album I made a few months back XD). But really, how does going well with everything make it cancer?

        that raise though

          This made me choke on my coca cola...


              Oh... My... Gaben...

              and how is the collector's only 2 buds?

                because collectors don't give you orbiting gabens like unusuals do.

                Sigh... I hate it when this happens. Thought the peace stash was high. That was used to price the moon. And then the moon to price this....

                EDIT: on second thought, this might be alright. i remember woifi offering in that range as well.

                  But you're a polar bear... why would you care? Unless.... :OOO SUNBEAMS = GLOBAL WARMING!!! DARN YOU AL GORE!

                    That forced reason

                  Beams is 6 buds higher then moon apparently... seems high, but nonetheless, I have upboat

                    Sunbeams brainiac is 22 buds higher than cloudy moon braniac :o

                    I cant wait until the hype is over