Price Suggestion
~39.5 keys
Unusual Industrial Festivizer Cauldron Bubbles
62 votes up
22 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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Suggesting a new price for this inb4misc hype hat!

Calling all sales from the last suggestion outliers.

Sale: 1:2 a cauldron bubbles festivizer for a eerie orbiting fire beret + smoking doctors sack (2.7-3 + 14 keys) [2.9x 16.5 = 47.9... 47.9 + 14 = 61.9 keys... 61.9 x 0.9 = 55.7... 55.7/ 16.5 = ~3.4 buds]

Why i think the low end should be 3 buds. 2 buds 9 keys has been rejected multiple times on multiple trades and offers of around ~3 buds have happened.

"Would you accept 3 buds?" ~Bernard

*offers 2.5, rejected* "i can try to get 3" ~Brainless prodigy

"blizzard kabuto? send a trade offer" ~ [PSG] Ibra (do u even photoshop)

But Derelgamer[PPM-Λ]Tradeofferonly has a b/o of 2 buds 10 keys (2.6) I hope this sells soon though ^_^

I considered making the price 3.4 flat but I can't as long as there is 1 B/O at 2.6. Therefore I have included it in the range as the low end. I would love to hear what Derelgamer bought his for (usually buys QS) but his name is the only one on the outpost history. Who knows? He could have unboxed it for all I know! If anyone finds more sales please let me know down below and I will resuggest.

Comments, criticisms, additional or counter proof appreciated.

    Derelgamer appears to have sold it seemingly for that price.