Price Suggestion
~125 keys
Collector's Cow Mangler 5000
104 votes up
4 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by A Delicious Cashew™.

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sold mine for 9 keys -> can't tell what he's sold it for

search link for you lazy people out there:

there are very few on the market

as of typing, there are 6 on the market, only two of which are non killstreaked in some sort. no offers 6 days turnt down 5 keys in a second

last steam market sale went for 28 dollars usd

i don't know how to calculate a steam market sale, but what i do know, is if you sell your key on the market for their current "going" price, each key would net you about 2 dollars. selling ~14 keys or more would have you at 28 dollars, which means that the mangler would be at around ~14 keys for this sale. obviously this has to be an outlier because there is one on the market for 25 right now, and i was not able to sell my mangler for 10 keys in one week. also, keep in mind this sale was on june 15th, almost two weeks ago.

bought my mangler for 3 keys from a friend, obvious quicksell

if you can find any other recent sales, i applaud you

    I applaud you if this makes it after the failed suggests of other people was my trade so I changed desc to what I sold it for, that being an unusual jannisarry ketche orbiting fire