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This suggestion was closed automatically because another price suggestion was accepted instead.

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You don't need any unsolds for 10+ as its not in the original range. So 1 valid unsold for 9.

2 link not sold but isn't selling anymore and looking at the 13 views it hast probably been up long.

7 seller admits to be a quicksell.

9 seller hast been bumped in 3 days.

3rd link is a 8 key seller but its just a screenshot of someone saying it. So not really good proof.

probably an accurate range, but kind of needs more proof

      Way to copy paste Nano's proof from the other suggestion.

        Can a mod warn this please, like seriously how stupid do you think we are? I never gave you permission to use my proof for your suggestion.

          Where is that in the Price Suggestions: Code of Conduct . Either way I removed it

        not really enough proof, considering 10 unsolds are useless on a 9 key item, and the two trades trying to lower it are either quicksales or unbumped