Price Suggestion
~11.83 ref
Unique All-Father
323 votes up
89 votes down
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The All-Father is dropping. How painful. :(

Unsold at 1.7 keys. Nobody is selling for 1.6 keys. 1.7 keys. 3 days. 1.7 keys. 2 weeks. Selling 2. 1.7 keys. 21 hours. The only 1.6 key seller. 1 day. 1.7 keys. 1 day. 1.7 keys. 1 week. 1.7 keys. 19 hours. 1.7 keys. 1 day. 1.7 keys. 1 week. 1.7 keys. 1 day.

Selling for 1.5

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No, I don't need sellers at 1.4 keys, because 1.4 keys is already in the range. As for disproving 1.6 keys, I don't need to. That is done all by itself. There aren't any sellers at that price and there are plenty of sellers at 1.5 keys.

    Isn't it a bit soon to be posting this with the last suggest being accepted less than a day ago?

    Actually, the evidence for this is ok.

    I thought you still needed 1.4 sales. Without it, it must be a 1.5 flat

      1.4 keys was proven 19 hours ago. Reproving that would be pointless. Also bringing the low end from 1.4 to 1.5 would require quicksolds to prove that it shouldn't be in the range.

        Oh, I don't know that 20 hours ago, All Father had a drop, my bad :P

        I would need 1.5 successful sales to raise it up above 1.4 keys. But I don't, so, no.

        Unsolds at 1.5 keys is not proof for 1.4 keys. You will need proof for your high and low end in each suggestion. It is not appropriate to simply keep the low end from the previous suggestion