Price Suggestion
The Heavy Lifter
Submitted by DygL
~11.5 ref
Unique Heavy Lifter
1280 votes up
283 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by A Distinctive Lack of Vincent.

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    I wish they were strangeboxes, too bad they're only stronboxes :/.

        This is not market boy. Its a price suggestion.

          5 Refs is more common trade price.

            PS: I really love the StrongBoxes, I won $1 selling it for 0.05 each on the Market, and bought 1 Ticket with that.

            And maybe, now, 4 days later, this price isn't so accurate.

          This awesome heavy item is quicksold for 5 ref. I totally disagree with this, a more accurate price for this item is a key, like the bushi-do.

            doesn't really matter how fast it sells when its commonly trade for that price

            I quicksold 1 for a key and another one for like 3.5 keys in items

            My trade -

            The guy who paid 3.5 keys in items -

     added for 5 ref

              looks good upvote

                Wow youre joking right?

                  puncher can your read?

                  You didn't even look at his solds...They all sold...

                    The whole thing is solds!


                      i think 4.66 to 5 ref sounds like a reasonable price range

                        i hate the strongboxes for not bring the end of the line upate, im still waiting for it, and still in the hype train, new weapons!!, anyway i think this item's price can go lower, as ur proof shows, you should provide more selles=sold and buyers=bought

                          I'm actually not too sure, I got 2 adds in 2 MINUTES for 5 ref.... O.O

                          I don't dare downvoting due to community vote but I think this price is too low (Just like the Deep cover operator)

                            All your links sold extremely quickly, and there are a small amount available for 5 refined in the classifieds. People have also provided sales at a key

                              I bought one for 3.66 yesterday after bumping my trade with was 19hours old. Its like "Insta add" after bumping.


                                It's a good trade and I have 1

                                  Too many reports in the comments of this successfully selling for notably higher and suggested price appearing to be a quicksell. Seems that this item needs a more thorough examination.

                                  Closing due to conflicting comments and indication of quicksell.