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~59.27 ref
Strange Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe
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106 votes down
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1 on classifieds for 1.1 keys (painted brown)

1 key - poorly bumped

1.3 keys

Sale at 1.1 keys - (courtesy of XaMcTepA :d)

This is all the proof on outpost. If you do come across any more (closed trades or otherwise), please feel free to share it below.

    Well, all of the trades are NEW, the oldest one is 1 day, give them time before posting this [like 4-7 days].

    Show us some old unsolds and i'll upvote

    until that im neutral. Btw if u cant show any old unsolds i'll downvote

      1. Sold in 2 hours without any bumps

      2. Too young

      3. Sold (check user's bp). And it seems to be sold in 1 day 'cause the trade was opened 6 days ago and the last bump was made 5 days ago. But idk though...

      4. Young outlier

      So, there is NO PROOF for your range in this suggestion

      There's like 10 pages on outpost, you couldn't be saying that only 4 of those are unpainted. The 3rd link isn't even valid because it's outdated.The 4th link is being sold as a set so that's also invalid. - Declined offer of 1 key pure (Opened Dec 23) - No Offers (Opened Dec 17) - No Offers (Opened Jan 8) (Poorly Bumped) - No Offers (Opened Jan 31) (Poorly Bumped) - Offer of a S. G. Foppish + 2 ref (Opened Jan 25) (Poorly Bumped) - No Offers (Opened Jan 29)

        1st link: look at the user's backpack and find that item (Chops and Pipe) there and I'll agree with U. Bunny SOLD his one. Idk for what. But it's not proof.

        2nd link: same advice: look at the Oldman's bp. He SOLD his Pipe.

        3rd link: Poorly bumped as U said. And he got 1 offer actually. lol. Well, U're right here, probably. But what does it prove? This guy is looking for offers. There is no word about the price of Pipe.

        4. Not poorly bumped. There was NO BUMPS. And he SOLD it. Idk for what. But it's not proof again. + It's still kinda fresh, isn't it? It looks like insta-sold, doesn't it?

        5. Poorly bumped as U said + show me the price set for S.G. Foppish. Useless link again.

        6. Well, U're right here, probably. But what does it prove? This guy is looking for offers. There is no word about the price of Pipe.

        So. idk what these links can prove...

          1st link: Still in BP

          2nd link: His pipe is still in his BP

          3rd link: See Very Bottom

          4th link: It was unsold at the time of my posting. Since it made up 1/2 of his BP value it appears as though he sold it through the community market.

          5th link: Agreed. Explanation at the bottom.

          6th link: Again, agreed. See Bottom.

          These were to prove a couple things:

          1. Boom gave all the reasonable proof for this suggestion to begin with.

          2. This item is not selling, probably because the craftable ones are found easier

          3. This was to disprove others from the idea of "There are 10 pages on outpost. Why so little proof?" This is literally every trade on outpost that is not in a set or painted for this item.

          4. No one is paying over a key for these unless they are painted. The Strange Genuine has no price, so we have to discard that trade from the equation. Plus it isn't even sold yet, the S.G. is just a C/O.


          Look at Taco's Outpost history. He has been trying to sell the same pair or Mutton's since January 16th. First it was 1 key + Unique Dirty Muttons (1), to 1.1 keys (2), then to the current trade at 1 key.

          (1) (Jan 16th - Jan 27th)

          (2) (Jan 28th - Jan 28th)

          This NEEDS a drop.


            All those guys haven't said anything about the prices in their trades, They all were looking for offers. Once again: idk what these links can prove...

              I explained what they were to prove. Refer to the middle section #1-4.