Price Suggestion
Collector's Beggar's Bazooka
Submitted by Python
~97.5 keys
Collector's Beggar's Bazooka
338 votes up
17 votes down
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Wait, so is the name of this supposed to be like, "it's junk so it's like the hoboes are begging for bazookas"? Or is it that like the other team is begging for you to hit them with this Bazookas rockets? Maybe it was stolen from a Beggar off the street before he was going to go to a thrift shop and blow everything up. I guess we will never know...anyway

Original values of unusuals/items used and overpay applied when necessary

Proof #1

Sold for: 11 keys. Nille is currently trying to sell it for 25 keys

Total: 11 keys

Proof #2

Sold for: 13 keys. Wanted 15

Total: 13 pure keys

Proof #3

Sold for: 16 keys

Total: 16 pure keys

Currently on Outpost: 6

Buyouts: 4 buds, 3 buds, 2 buds, offers


These were the only priced sales I could find. Other sales were bulk trades that involved unusuals and these were sweets. The range might be a bit large, but it's fine for a starting price I guess, and with no other (priced) sales. Any Extra Proof/Cunter-Proof/Opinions/Tips/Help is all welcome. Thanks for reading. Feedback is always appreciated.

    This is the first proper suggestion of collector's item! Upvoted! :D

      Does that mean my other 2 suggestions aren't proper?

        No no no :) This is the first "suggestion" to have good links.

          "To have good links"? What?

            Don't question it. Point is, it's proper. :3

              Upboating proper suggestion for free rep :3

      Lemme clarify this for you.

      This weapon is a relic from a time long passed. The Great Hobo War.

      See, when the Gentlemen of Leisure would not spare any hats to the poor and Irish, they rebelled. Piecing together what materials they had, they created a weapon so unstable that it almost gained them their victory. However, the Gentlemen had a trick up their sleeve; UNUSUALS. Using ancient misticism harnessed by raw energy, the Gentlemen blinded and burned all that stood in their way. Fearing that the Unusuals would bring the end itself upon them, they hid these relics into Ordinary crates sent around the world through a Weapons manufacturing company. The Gentlemen collected all the Beggar's Bazookas from the Irish to commemorate their bravery in the face of inevitable defeat. They crafted together 200 Beggar's Bazookas to make the Ultimate Bazooka. Very few exist and legend says that whoever can obtain these Collector's Bazookas will wage the second great war between the Irish and the Gentlemen.

      Story time over. Good proof as always, Python. Upvote.

        Read it again, Pappy! (don't though, you may get banned :o)

    Looks good.

    Also, it's because it looks like a mish-mash of various things you'd find in a dumpster - hence beggars bazooka (homemade from junk).

      I know. I just couldn't think of a good title, so I over-thought the name of this.

        I'm so full of painkillers I don't know whats going on! As titles go, IS GUD TITLE

      Really? REALLY? I wanted to do that suggestion; I had 3 of 6 after all....

      However, just copy/pasting what I have; it was in progress, wanted to finish it after some further sales of this weapon; if you see [Insert Link] it means I have a picture but I haven't uploaded yet:

      Now every soldier's high damage weapon is released in Collector's quality. Show them that just because you are making a spamfest doesn't mean you have no skills (after all you run out of ammo pretty quickly if you don't take care and you cannot grab ammo at dispensers). Show engineers that not only stickies can instantly destroy sentries and medics that they have to drop uber whenever you jump right into their faces."

      ~ Collector's Beggar's Bazoooka publicity blurb

      (Sorry had to post that out of my former trade)

      6 in existance, 6 on the market. I had 3 of them.

      Incredible amount of sales (many not priced though)


      - -> 1x at 16 keys when posting this suggestion

      - Same guy





      - [Insert Link] -> For 13 keys pure (buds were 17 keys then) Valid for suggestion

      - [Insert Link] -> For 16 keys pure (buds were 17 keys then) Valid for suggestion

      - [Insert Link] -> For unpriced unusual + 10 keys (Approx 2-2.5 buds, but not considering this for suggestion)

      - [Insert Link] -> Added 2 as sweets to a deal with 4/5 unpriced unusuals

      - -> 2x for Max head each Outlier

      - For 30 keys Valid for suggestion

        Your seller at 30 keys threw it in for a trade involving a secret birdcage