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~1 key
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
130 votes up
6 votes down

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    whate how do you get uncraft keys??

    Lol, everyone was so into rising keys that they forgot about uncraftable ones XD

      Why are there 2 suggestions on Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys and one says it already has a price and this one says it has no current price?

      uhh i dont even know why it shouldn't be one key, it is one key.. upvote.

        but its uncraft, uncraft isnt worth as much as craft, ask anyone


          What about uncraftable normal weapons? There are some that aren't many of them and cost alot (collectables ect)

            I like how noone on the internet gets sarcasm / irony anymore :)

              Do you even know what sarcasm is? Plus sarcasm translates very hard into text, you must be pretty obvious for it to be seen :)

                So more like:

                Its uncraft, its dirty, its worth nothing, everyone knows that, check the brain bucket if you dont believe me!

                  No, sarcasm is used when you are talking vs someone, not when you agree with someone

                  PS: Oh gawd i just checked brain bucket 0_0

                    well the german definition translates to scorn, taunt etc. well whatever

        Ehm... dirty keys ???

          Uncraftable Crate key are under a different defindex, please if you're going to suggest prices, use the links from a backpack otherwise you may end up screwing things up. Creating this item wouldn't work anywhere.

 would be the correct place.