Price Suggestion
Electrostatic Salty Dog
Submitted by STYXL
~60 keys
Unusual Salty Dog Electrostatic
67 votes up
61 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by SirJjjon (Accnt not for sale).

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Sold about an hour ago for $185 Paypal

I bought it for Electrostatic Lucky Shot which is worth 5.3 buds according to - doesn't look outdated to me!

    Need 2 sales for new effects

        We don't care, read the rule "lol"

          btw who are we? trolls on


            "We" are the people who actually can read well enough to read rules, unlike some people who post suggestions who can't.


          Then try to prove what it sold for from previous owners

            It doesn't matter if it's one of one, 1 of 1 hats are sold multiple times, get sales from that. Even if there's only one sale, then just wait "lol"

          Nope. sold previously for electro lucky shot, highly inflated, guy couldn't get 4 buds for it, set a b/o of 3 on it

          Electrostatic Lucky Shot worth 5.3 buds not 3.6 like this pyro guy suggests on he's post.

          check for yourself -

 sold 2 buds

 sold electro lucky shot(4.1 originally, 3.7 after overpay)

            and I just sold it for $185 paypal.

            so what you're sayin?

              you got lucky

                I know lol

                not even mantioning when that 2 bud trade was done buds where going for 23-24 keys

                  buds weren't 23-24 keys 2 weeks ago they were that like 2 months ago, 2 buds is still 2 buds though

                  though 2 buds was a quicksell, it sold within a day

                    and $185 is MUCH better than buds...

                      I've seen a kid that sold an expensive hat for crap, what you suggest? we need to go my quicksale prices?

                        keep disliking my comments clowns... Lmao

                          lol? i didn't do anything. calling a guy with 150+ accepted suggestions a clown

                          real smart

                          being mad about dislikes either way just shows butthurt that you got counterproofed, and an orange star should know better

                          downvote other suggestion is way better

                      I didn't call you a clown unless you where 1 of those guys who disliked every single comment I made.

                      Also... you didnt counterproved anything... as a matter of fact, I prooved whatever I suggested...

                      anyways... who cares what you guys think... I sold it, got the money. don't care if you don't like it.

                      In fact NO GOOD UNUSUAL TRADER CONCIDERS BP.TF UNUSUAL PRICING ACCURATE. so, dislike this too. lol


                        Well that's a good point mate. Nobody would pay 5.6 for this either, but who cares? No one, because nobody uses as a bible

                          Someone today did... but, you right. Maybe nobody in the future will pay 5.6 buds

                          as far as I am concerned it's just a speculation that nobody can know.

                            How the hell did you even get someone to pay in their right mind $185 for such a crap low tier hat? I mean, it doesn't even look appealing, even if it's a 1/1.

                            And you're goning back in pricing for 2-3 months when buds where $40+ a pop and this effects where brand new. I don't think your suggestion is accurate with current market either.

                              I'm only using sales up to 1.5 months old, and the effects are 5 months old so they're nowhere new. What current market are you talking about if this is not for sale?

                              Also, buds' value is not relevant seeing as only one sold for pure and it was for 2 buds flat.

                              I don't know. He offerd, I accepted and everything went grate. How people pay 50 buds for TC? I never would, but some people do... not for me to judge.

                                Most people do, in this case only one out of several did.

                                what about $185 Paypal?

                                explain why is this not relavent?

                                  Because you're the only one that actually sold it for money and that sale is an outlier as I demonstrated? All other sales are at 3 or below, and there are several 3 buds B/Os (there's even a 2 bud one)

                                    Also, a really bad overpay within 2 days of posting from an user with ~270 TF2 hours, 7 games, 1 group, 3 friends, no rep whatsoever, no tf2op trades, only 1 post (on your trade) and 2 hours of playing on record in the last month seems very sketchy.


                                    I think the concept of this website is to record the trade/sale event, isn't it? Don't matter what you and I like or preffer...

                                      Then why it was never suggested before today if you're so sure about priveous 2-3 buds sales?

                                        It is to record ALL trade/sale events, excluiding those that are outliers or just well apart from other sales. In this case, there are no other sales or offers found anywhere near 5.6- It's not my opinion, it's a fact.

                                          Because no one cared about suggesting on this?

                                            I didn't care. I check him up, make sure his clean and made a sale. I've sold to non traders a lot troughout my trading is this relavent?

                                              good point lol. now suddnly everyone do care lol

                                  Honestly? I don't care if it will be aprooved or declined. I got my money allready... Just trying to correct the record, thats all.

                                    If you don't care then why are you so defensive? Just close the friggin suggestion.

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