Price Suggestion
~28.44 ref
Unique Boo Balloon
200 votes up
57 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Puddilicious.

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One on outpost sold, one other in the market (Buyer's backpack, he now has one) (Sold for 2.44 ref) (Seller for 2.33 ref)

Very rare, basing low end on a seller for 2.33 ref, is unbumped and is a weird range, but just bear with meh. NO OTHER SELLERS FOR ANY LESS, AND IF ONE SOLD FOR MOAR THAN THE BP PRICE, THEN 1.66-2.22 REF CAN BE REMOVED.

    #riseoftheballoons #seewhatididthere #youdontbecauseitwassomenextlevelshit #ronpaul2014 #abstaining,trickysuggestion

      I don't know if that is enough proof, its just 2 links, but there is no more...

      Checked outpost,,the classified listings, and bazaar.

      nothing besides those 2 you already have...

    Wow, nice proof

    Upvote :D