Price Suggestion
~3.4 keys
Strange Sapper
172 votes up
425 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by 😩 Puddilicious 😩.

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Screwed up my last suggestion with a friggin 9-10 ref, anyway I got it right this time.

Classifieds have a few people who are selling for 10 keys, no one is taking it. Hype has gone down, they aren't in demand that much anymore. selling for ten, no one taking

20+ pages of people selling them on outpost, didn't even check or other trading sites.

The current price has a tiny range anyway.

    You fucked up. XP

    Because on the front page there is nothing there. Most people will likely downvote.

      one guy in ur link want to buy. Also you don't know how long ago he changed price to 10 keys. Need more proof

      10.5-11 keys

      Accepted about 16 hours ago

      seriously? no wonder the economy is so screwed with people making new suggestions less than a day after the previous being accepted.

        more proof

          No, he has plenty of proof. For a downvote.

          Please take a look at past suggestions and see how it suppose to be done.Hopefully your next proof will be better :)

            Especially the one before the current price was excellent. Hehehe

            needs proof thumbs down for this suggestion

              Sorry, can't upvote because of no proof :(

                I would say that it may need a bump down in price, but this range is inaccurate. I just bought a Named/Desc'd one for 9 keys, lemme go cap my history.

                Where is proof?

                  so much proof like what a link and his own trade

                    Looks good to me:

           unsold at 10 keys, 1 week old

           unsold at 10 keys, 6 days old, 3 in stock

           unsold at 10 keys, 2 days old, 2 in stock

           unsold at 10 keys, 2 days old

           unsold at 10 keys

           unsold at 10 keys

           unsold at 10 keys

           unsold at 10 keys

           unsold at 10 keys

           unsold at 10 keys

           unsold at 10 keys

           unsold at 10 keys, 3 in stock

           unsold at 9 keys