Price Suggestion
~85 keys
Unusual Pencil Pusher Blizzardy Storm
55 votes up
8 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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Comments < B/O of 25 keys < B/O of 25 keys "Quick Selling" < B/O of 25 keys < B/O of 27 keys < B/O of 27 keys, 23 keys pure offer (Highest offer on outpost) < 3 bills hats(24 keys) offer, not sure if he sold it for 1 bud

    Nice proof, upvoted

    Closed my suggestion.

    Upvote, but I'm hesitant on the upper bound. The month old trade at is indeed a bud (check the bud history in his trade history - same guy), but there are several people with 25 key buyouts and no takers. Not quite sure if 26 keys is viable.