Price Suggestion
~9.25 keys
Unusual Ol' Snaggletooth Orbiting Fire
64 votes up
8 votes down
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Just had this offered to me and I got curious about it's current value, so to the search function I went!

B/O 2 buds - Up at least a week - 1 offer of Planets Waxy

B/O 1 bud + 18 keys (1.6ish) - Up for over a month - Several offers, best so far is S.Kritz and a bud + treasure hat offer.

B/O none - Up for at least a week - Couple of lowish unusual offers, no other interest.

B/O of 1.8 - Up a day - No offers yet, new however. Seems he bought it for a Blizzard Berliner's Buckethelm (1.3-1.7 buds)

B/O of 1.5 - Up for at least a week - One unusual offer. The Donny's Golden Rule starts to apply here.

B/O of 1.7 - Brand new, a day old - One offer, wait and see on this, but again, b/o is telling.

So after looking about, seems it is worth a little less than the current price now days, low interest and a few B/Os starting to fall some what. With a B/O of 1.5, I think that sounds the right price to slate this in the midish.

    Good proof. Up

      Why good proof?(there is no one sold hats).

        Most likely because those buyers want the suggested value for the hat, which right now is too high.

          They aren't selling, so no interest in paying current price, that and two of the B/Os are under the current price, which is actually trying to sell for less than top range, so why would you pay more?

          If you were offered one for 1.8, but you knew there was one selling for 1.5, which one would you buy?

      Closed because the change is too minor, last update was a month ago