Price Suggestion
Festive Knife
Submitted by anticharm
~1 key
Unique Festive Knife
108 votes up
42 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by Soundtrack.

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All proofs copied from this guy ^^^^^ just a better price range...

unsold 2 keys

buyer on 1 key -1.75 key and bought it 1 key 2 ref seller offer bought 2 4.33 seller offer for knife and ( my offer 2 keys and fail) 2.66 seller offer 1 key 2 ref offer

    Repwhore'd. :D

      what are you trying to say?

        XD its not only for rep... many people commented it should be 1.5-2 keys

          oh, well if this is the case and you want it to be accepted might i suggest that you add some proof of successful sales at this price?

            i dont think i can find more proofs... he wrote them all .. just trying to fix his prices range:)

      Bought 1 just yesterday for a key+craft hat, upvoted

        For the sake of the voters, can you please include the proof in your new suggestion, instead of only linking another suggestion?

          Well can i just copy his proofs?

            close please

              "If you disagree with a current suggestion, you may start a new one"

              just changed to a better prices range...

                and make new proof thats better

                  but it will look the same .... there is no more people who sell/buy for this range

                    maybe but just wait

            Sold mine for 2 keys in an hour.

              well uhm.. what the purpose..

              Some more proofs...

              unsold at 2 keys :

     <1 day old

     <2 months old

              ( i know its already on the proofs but its a really old trade and it got over 1300 views and no buyers at 2 keys...)

     <1 week old

     <1 day old

              Sold for 1 key :

     <2 people added

                i say u can sell for 2 keys..i mean like... these r festives you can only get during last years christmas cant get them anymore