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~0.08 ref
Unique Holiday Punch
46 votes up
64 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by 😩 Puddilicious 😩.

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[url][/url] - Sold 0.11

No other trades

    this price suggestion isnt neccesary at all.

      if i follow your logic then every clean / uncraft weap sold for 1 scrap (clean) would need a price change :[

        It is necessary.

        And no, because for clean weaps, you have

          why its neccesary? there was only 1 trade in op selling it

        i wont downvote but staying neutral.

          I guess I'm not the only one to suddenly want uncraftable weapons...

            Well, you guys had 16 hours to provide counter-evidence, because I can't find any.

            It even sold within a day. If you're gonna go on some diatribe about how uncraftable weapons should be worth so and so because of some preconceived notion of value, then don't bother.