Price Suggestion
The Purity Fist
Submitted by Voenker
~2.06 ref
Unique Purity Fist
179 votes up
65 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by Elsa Payaso.

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    Good proof, upvote Wants 1.88 as said in a comment Unsold at 2 ref for 3 days, commenter says he got one at 1.66 Sold for 1.77 Only wants 1.77 Unsold for a 2 ref item for 2 days Unsold at 2 ref for 5 days 2 unsold at 2 ref for 3 days.

      3 people who want under 2 ref and a few unsold at 2 ref. Maybe suggest this in a week or two, demand IS rising, but not quite there yet.

        Link one: okay, he wants 1.88

        Link two: His backpack is private, but okay, he got one out of all those 2 ref sales.

        Link three: looks like he didn't sold it

        Link four: I linked it as well ;-)

        But as I saw many 2 ref offers, I thought making the price 2 ref.

          My point is that you're saying everyone wants 2 ref for it, when that is not the case. A flat price of 2 ref implies that nobody will sell for less, and nobody will buy for more. It also implies that ones at 2 ref go fairly quickly. My proof shows otherwise.

          And that third link he accepted an offer of 1.77 which appears to have been retracted, most likely because he got it at 1.77 somewhere else.

          Also, we can't properly check which ones actually sold because of outpost's new way of searching.

            But my point is a fair amount of people is offering 2 ref, willing to pay 2 ref for this item. And all sellers except one (1.88) wants 2 ref. (The 1.77 sellers still have it in their backpack.)

   this looks now sold btw.

        I sold mine for 2.66. I only wanted 2.33 for it but for some reason he gave me that.

          i dont really like the flat price, its possible to sell at 2.33, and buy at around 1.77-1.88. i bought one for a ref, but tht was a while ago :/




            Well they do sell for 2 ref, but they sell for less too. 1.66-2 seems more accurate to me.