Price Suggestion
~3.4 keys
Unique What's in the Portal 2 Soundtrack Box?
43 votes up
170 votes down
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This suggestion was closed by [GIRL] Mr. Bucket.

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I'm sorry, but giving one bit of proof and trying to make it rise on is not going to make your investment work

    I don't think he was trying to do that, I believe he was speaking for everyone in general because a lot of people are still highballing and rebelling against these prices. Selling for 14 keys. That is 4 keys below your high price. Downvote.

    It's been only 5 hours since the last suggestion was accepted.

    Why should we change it again?

      Why didn't you ask this earlier when we had votes downgrading the price of an item that will possibly cost triple of this?

          Because potatoes.

          On a side note, I have no idea what you just said.

          Pretty sure it's a question though.

            Are you high.

        [*]No one wants them

        [*]They have been dropping every single day for the last week

          Not exactly "dropping", but yes. Dat link! :3

            Let me remind you that Out of 3,073,296 inventories, 1,562 copies of this item exist. (0.05%). It's rarer than a buds, that's for sure, and count is increasing very SLOWWWLY.

            Any argument that the box is in quantity is fake and dumb. A lot of people want them too.

            Im'a laugh mah ass off when theres like orbiting earbills TC inside but, I like to see the hoarders suffer >:) so downvote :

              Downvote, just bought one for 10 keys and a ref. i am curious what is in the thing, lol.

                off of my post isnt it >:D

                  Maybe, lol.

                    Grover, you should sell it to me for an Ebenezer + Dirty Toothkickers :3

                  it's probably a unique hat that will be worth 7 ref for the first 2 weeks and then go down to 1.33.

                    Or another goddam badge.

                      It probably is...I actually traded for another one...hell if I know why I agreed to the trade, but I felt sorry for the guy. If I own 2, it will have something terrible in it. It is how my life works.

                        There is very high demand that there will be a Genuine Lemo'Nade Launcher for Demo or a Genuine Combustible Lemon Launcher for Pyro.

           long have I been gone? I only remember them being at 15-16 keys...

                      The trade market moves fast, bro.

                      Even though I own one 10 Keys is a solid price due to the fact they can be in RL for 20$ or less, as much as I hate to lose BP value it should stay the same. Traders seem to agree as I've seen them be sold for the current value.

                      Ex -

                        Let's put it this can buy the soundtrack from Amazon for $14.99 and get the box with it. $15 in keys at the current price is 12 keys. I don't see any way the price will be accepted at any higher than 12 keys.

                        Granted, I wish it would, because I have one I've been trying to sell and it's depressing seeing the price tank the way it is, but that's how things go.

                          Only one link of proof, took me a month and a half to sell for 12 keys, and the number is increasing. very strong downvote.

                            Not to mention that you could only find one highballer. Good game.

                            I PRESENT TO YOU


                              AH YEAH, IT'S GOLD NOW INSTEAD OF SILVER. SH*T JUST GOT REAL.

                                Hell YEAH!!!

                                  Wait what about that guy who linked straight to google?

                                  One Question From Me: Why?


                                    With proof like that, it's impossible to downvote!

                                    Just kidding, downvote.

                                      Downvote. These are not in demand. Oh and someone posted on tf2outpost Comments in their group and asked people to upvote. Sad.